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The Old Man was surprised by the warmth radiating from the dark figure before him.

The pain Life had inflicted upon him subsided in the presence of Death. The Old Man felt, for the first time in years, contentment. I could not understand why I was reviled, and Life was celebrated. My only duty is to bring comfort from the tortures of Life. Why is it that no-one comes to me willingly? Why do they fear me?

So, Life and I made a wager. If I won, I would be free to explain to Mankind my intentions in freeing them. My hope being that through understanding my motivation, Mankind would come not to fear me, but rather, Love me. On the other hand, if Life were to win, then I could never again take a life until Life deemed it so.

And so we set into motion the mechanism of our wager and I came and walked amongst Man. I found a Young Farmer and presented myself as Death.

A Stone’s Throw (Ellie Stone Mysteries #6) by James W. Ziskin

He cowered much as you would expect. All the reasons Man so easily finds to avoid my companionship. It was not my intention to take the Young Farmer from Life, however. Instead I presented him with a stone and explained that I would never come for him until he decided he was ready.

When he was ready to meet me, all he had to do was throw the stone in the lake his cottage overlooked and I would come. Life was there as well and blessed the man so he would not suffer the effects of aging like other Men. The years passed by and the Young Farmer relished in his dominion over me. When I finally end the rigors of Life for those who I feel will no longer resent my purpose. One by one, beginning with his wife, and ending with his youngest child, I freed them from Life.

I did not do so out of malice, or spite. I welcomed each member of his family into my arms. They thanked me, but the Young Farmer cursed me. Decades gave way to centuries and still the Young Farmer refused to beckon me. Witnessing every atrocity Life had to offer was not enough for the Man to welcome me.

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The Young Farmer grew lonely, and the memory of his family began to fade. Eventually the Young Farmer took another woman to be his Wife, and together they had many children. The reality of his loss drove the Young Farmer to madness. In his grief, his mind snapped. He lost himself. Lost who he was, and what was required of me. Nov Mon, Nov 18, Beginners Tai Chi. Fiber Arts Social.

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It's up to all of us. Chances are, there will be, though.

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Hyman, Laurence J. New York: Bantam Books. Retrieved 9 February Shirley Jackson: Essays on the Literary Legacy. Retrieved 23 August NBC Short Story.

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