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Even better, they are thought to increase relaxation, creativity, and information processing.

Is it too biased? You might even find argumentative strategies for your work. You can find the full set of strategies here. They were initially created in by these two musical artists. Each card presents a dilemma designed to spark lateral thinking and creativity. Often writers forget their artistic and creative roots. Using the Oblique Strategies is a great way to find new and intriguing story ideas. I keep a playlist on Spotify of ambient music that enables me to enter a state of creative flow faster.

I listen to this playlist early in the morning while wearing noise-canceling headphones. If you have a problem focusing while music is playing, you can always try listening to binaural beats. This is a special type of music best experienced while wearing headphones. Ambient noise , like that of a coffee shop, fosters creative thinking. Studies show that a moderate noise level is the optimal amount of stimulation for the brain during the creative process. Moderate noise increases the difficulty of processing, which increases abstract processing and creativity.

With more creativity and abstract processing, it will be easier to put ink to paper. Feeling cold consumes more energy while feeling hot complicates focusing on your work. Find a space with natural light. Maybe you have functional fixedness on messy areas. You might believe an untidy room produces mental clutter. Objects lying about might spark inspiration. Write down 10 ideas each day and review them at least once a week. On a given day, Altucher might create a list of ideas for stand-up material. You can swipe headlines, openings, great lines, pictures and ideas for your articles into your file and refer to them when stuck.

Ryan Holiday explains more. Try writing about what you are feeling and thinking. Once you have completed your first 25 minutes, take a two-to-three-minute break and then get to the next writing session. After three or four sessions of 25 minutes take a to minute break. Fuel up and eat lunch or take a quick stroll around the neighborhood and clear your mind. In other words, he put writing his book over a functioning laptop. Writing with pen and paper connects you to the creative process in a way that a digital tool never will.

The prolific blogger Leo Babauta is a believer in the power of public accountability. Find a peer who will hold you to your word, someone who will push you to persist and get the job done. Then your job is to meet the deadline. Prove you are capable. Writing the first draft? In progress.

Acknowledging your accomplishments unlocks a sense of pride. Ask yourself what you liked and disliked and how you can try a similar approach in your current work. How would a reader, colleague, friend or even your cat as a dog lover, I never understood why the internet loves cats approach this topic? Draft is a free, web-based writing platform with robust version control and other features. Hackpad Free for personal use.

How to overcome writer’s block

Acquired by Dropbox, this cloud-based platform is best for bloggers who collaborate with other writers, editors, and team members when writing posts. BlankPage Free trial. If the thought of writing an entire blog post overwhelms you, then BlankPage may be your best platform. It takes a fresh, modular approach to writing that breaks down a writing project into manageable pieces.

#1 – Schedule Your Book Writing Time

Omniwriter provides a distraction-free writing environment for your iPad, Mac, or PC, with your choice of backgrounds, audio tracks, and keystroke sounds. The following tools provide structure to your blog, which, surprisingly, can stimulate rather than restrain your creativity. Days of the Year Free. Discover the special days, holidays, and celebrations relevant to your niche, and create content around them. An easy way to always have blog content ideas is to assign a specific meme for each day that you publish a post.

This post gives you some memes bloggers use that you can either incorporate on your own blog or adapt to your niche.

If you use WordPress, you can have your editorial calendar right on your blogging platform. Schedule posts, and drag and drop them to quickly organize your calendar. Sometimes a simple, cloud-based calendar is all you need to manage your blog content.

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  • How to Beat Writer’s Block: 36 Surefire Strategies for 12222 (A Definitive Guide).

Google Calendar lets you share your calendar with collaborators, color code events, and send notifications so you never miss a blogging deadline. Trello Free. With Trello, you can organize your posts as cards and track them through the different steps of your editorial process for example, research, drafting, revising, publishing. You can view items as a calendar as well. If you prefer to manage your blog with a spreadsheet, get this free content calendar from Pam Moore.

The 10 Best Writing Exercises that are Borderline Genius

Hubspot provides, not one, but two editorial calendar templates: one for Excel and another for Google calendar. CoSchedule provides an all-in-one marketing calendar, not just for your blog, but also for your emails, social media posts, and other marketing content. More than an editorial calendar, Gather Content lets you manage content production, including collaborating with authors and other members of your team. Here are writing routines and advice from other writers. From washing dishes to cursing like a sailor, these are wacky ideas all right! Simply press the correct number to get help with verbs, endings, settings, and other elements of writing.

It may not be for bloggers, but it sure is fun! James Clear quotes E. White, Ernest Hemingway, Henry Miller, and other famous writers as they describe their writing routines. Then he distils these into actionable lessons we can apply to achieve any goal. Literary Productivity, Visualized. Does sleep have anything to do with writing productivity?

Check out this fascinating infographic and decide for yourself. This post synthesizes the daily routines of writers and other creative people into six pieces of advice. Read it for the inspiration and for the amusing embedded tweets. My Morning Routine.

Contemporary writers, from indie writers to bestselling authors, share their morning routines, sleep habits, and more. Create your own morning ritual, based on the now famous Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This book is adapted for writers with the input of bestselling author Steve Scott. Then she uses that knowledge to recommend five steps to overcome it. Coming up with ideas for your blog will be less of a problem if you optimize your creativity. Here are tips, apps, music, and other proven ways to heighten your creativity. Find out why creative thinking is all about connecting the dots and what you can model from Benjamin Franklin.

Boost your creativity without breaking your budget—even if the advice includes going to stores. The illustrations in this post are enough to spark fresh ideas in your brain. Psychcentral asked coaches, artists, and authors for the one activity that ignites their creativity.

1. Rom-coms marathon

This post summarizes their answers. Boost your creativity by loving others, using counterfactual thinking, and trying the other research-backed tips in this post. An Easy Way to Increase Creativity. Discover the science behind psychological distancing and how to use it to stimulate creativity, especially in problem solving. Use human psychology to heighten your creativity and productivity.

Ron Friedman on Building a Better Workplace.