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Somehow, Lupo needs to take down the whole pack without getting himself killed in the process. Wolf's Gambit takes on a whole new angle from Wolf's Trap with the multi-killer aspect. In the first book, Lupo only had to contend with one human killer, but in this novel he is up against a whole pack of militant werewolves that appear to be stronger than him. It's like one man against an army! I liked how Gagliani added in the emotions going on in Lupo's head when he was struggling with the doubts of those he thought trusted him.

I felt it truly gave me a more personal look into Lupo. That's just one example of character development- Gagliani showed several examples of that as well with some of the other recurring characters. This is truly shaping out to be a great series and I'm greatly anticipating book three. Highly recommended! Wolf's Trap by W. In Lupo's first adventure, he is involved in tracking down a serial killer that seems to have some kind of strange obsession with lipstick. To make matters worse, Lupo senses that the killer is gunning for him specifically by some of the messages he is leaving behind at the scenes of his crimes.

This puts a fear in Lupo that those he gets close to might also be in danger. He has been struggling with his werewolf side for years, and now with a competitor on the loose he fears that it may prove to be too much of a challenge to keep his inner wolf under control. Gagliani had me hooked from page one with this first novel. He takes a different writing style from most authors in that he chops his chapters up based on who the main focus is and labels them as such.

This made the book an extremely fast-paced read and had me flying through it! Gagliani juggles lots of interrelated storylines to clue readers into past events in the lives of many of the characters as they were growing up- events which, of course, shape the future. Gagliani uses flashback scenes throughout the book. In some novels this can seem confusing and troublesome, but in Wolf's Trap this fit well. The past triggered much of what happened in the present, so without the flashbacks, the novel wouldn't have been nearly as strong.

All in all, this was an addictive read and much different from your typical werewolf attack books The Wild Hunt by James A. Insidious Publications, James A. Moore is one of those authors who is always a joy to read. With a Spartan and direct prose style, Moore writes for the everyman, all the while weaving intricate tales of horror that recall for us an uncanny sense of normalcy just before the madness begins.

Such is the case with The Wild Hunt. Moore effortlessly constructs his characters, giving them an immediate air of authenticity, and the underlying mystery, centering on hunting buddies and their imperiled families, is deliciously played out.

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The book is not for the faint of heart. You will get a real glimpse into the depths of evil a man can sink to. Yes, this is a werewolf novel, but the questions posed in The Wild Hunt are what is the nature of the beast and who is the greater evil, wolf or man? Recommended for public and private collections. Contains: Adult language, Adult situations, Extreme violence. Kane's monstrous wolf is a creature out of our nightmares, all appetite, both sexual and digestive. Also true to the first fairy tales, this isn't a light-hearted tale with magical creatures that is tied up in a nice happy bow.

It's a brutal tale of stalking and hunger. The only down side is that it doesn't deviate from the traditional story much, making it a simplistic and quickly read tale.

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Recommended for private collections due to the sexual content and cost vs. Contains: Violence, gore, sex. Poet and amateur astronomer Jason Blake watches a meteor shower with his son. Blake quickly watches his world dissolve around him as werewolves quickly kill or turn most of the population and destroy all technology along the way. Blake struggles with a small band of other survivors try to find a way to stop the werewolves from eradicating humanity.

You get some great character development with Jason Blake. He shows you his characters as the action unfolds. Not only does Moonbane give us an original tale of the origin of werewolves but it also an effective apocalyptic tale. Highly Recommended. Garton also pulls in characters from one of his vampire books, Night Life - private investigators Gavin Keoph and Karen Moffett. Gavin and Karen are sent to investigate numerous animal attacks popping up all over Big Rock. Werewolves are suspected in the area. Gavin and Karen discover that the attacks are werewolf attacks, and also that the werewolves have already set in motion a plan for the town of Big Rock.

It could make for an interesting battle down the road if he does! This would be a good addition for libraries, but be aware that Garton does have a lot of sexual content within his book including some rape and incest scenes. Contains: violence, gore, incest, rape, strong sexual content, adult language Review by Rhonda Wilson. The Beast Within , edited by Matt Hults. Graveside Tales, The Beast Within is a perfect treat for lycanthrope fans. There's a bit of nearly everything inside, from wereslugs to shamans.


The collection includes stories of true horror as well as science fiction twists on the moon-bound and surreal, shape shifting fantasy. It's easy to find something good to say about each story in this well- constructed collection. The Beast Within is escapist fiction in its most enjoyable form and would make a great addition to private and public collections. Master of the Moors by Kealan Patrick Burke. Necessary Evil Press, Kealan Patrick Burke spins a wonderful gothic tale in Master of the Moors. On a dark and foggy night, the head of the Mansfield family and his servant Grady join a search party looking for a missing woman on the moors bordering the town.

The party is attacked by a mysterious creature leaving Grady as one of the the survivors and his master struck with a coma-like illness. Years pass, and Grady has to protect Jane Mansfield and her blind brother Neil from a mysterious stranger, who has a deadly agenda that threatens to tear the family apart. Readers will be up late at night turning the pages of this one. Highly recommended for public libraries. Contains: Violence and gore. Nic Brown, Every once in a while a book comes along with a premise that is so much fun that you are willing to disregard errors in style and craftsmanship.

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Blood Curse is just such a book. Nic Brown's novel about a thrill seeking, James Bond-esque werewolf reads like a B-Movie, complete with ill thought out fight scenes and campy dialogue. The pace is furious and hell-bent, leaving little time to explore a colorful cast of characters, with the exception of the tale's protagonist, Michael Warren. All in all, it's a fun read, even with the obvious gaffes in the writing. Contains: Adult language and situations, black magic, torture, and violence. Ravenous by Ray Garton.

Leisure Books, Ray Garton lends his creativity to the werewolf genre, creating an entertaining page turner in Ravenous. His werewolves are vicious creatures who attack men, women, and even children.

The story begins in the small town of Big Rock, California, when a woman is raped and her rapist is killed. When her dead attacker escapes from the morgue, Sheriff Farrell Hurley's world is turned upside down.

An enigmatic man comes into town claiming that a lycanthropy virus is spreading through the population, transmitted via sexual intercourse, and that the citizens of Big Rock are being attacked by the growing number of werewolves. Contains: Gore, violence, rape, strong sexual content. Ulrik by Steven E. Scrybe Press, With Ulrik , the fourth book in the series, we are presented with a writer comfortable and confident in his prose who handles the fevered and frantic action sequences with a deft hand, but is equally at home in delivering powerful emotion and an enlightened examination of the maternal instinct.

With subtlety and skillful maneuvering, Wedel dissects the intricate politics of the lycanthropes and presents the shape-shifters with a verisimilitude that elevates the novel from a mere tale of monsters. Within Ulrik , and the Saga as a whole, is an elegant mythology that lives and breathes in a world that the reader can submerge himself into and feel apart of. It is a tremendous achievement and fantastical escapism at its finest. Steven E. Contains : Extreme violence, adult language, adult situations. Shapeshifter By J. Gonzalez Lesiure, re-print.

ISBN Cosmos. Shapeshifter is a bit different than your average werewolf story in that this werewolf is the victim of the tale. His name is Mark Wiseman and he has spent his life dealing with the affliction of lycanthropy as best he can, to the point where he finally has it almost under control.

Unfortunately his cold and unethical boss finds out about his problem and decides to blackmail Mark into using his affliction against his enemies, forcing Mark into a killing spree.