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Is it ever possible - or helpful - to label someone' grief process abnormal?

On the nature of complicated and uncomplicated patterns of grief. Burke, L. Protective risk factors for complicated grief: a review of the empirical literature. Cooper, R. Complicated grief: philosophical perspectives.

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Golden, A. Autobiographical memory processes in complicated grief. Jordan A. Prolonged Grief Disorder: Diagnostic, assessment, and treatment considerations. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice 45 3 , Lundquist, K. Personal reflections on death, grief and cultural diversity. Irish, K. Nelsen Eds. Washington, D. Martin, T. The influence of gender and socialisation on grieving styles.

Neimeyer, D.

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Prigerson, H. PLoS Medicine, 6 8 , e Rando, T.

On achieving clarity regarding complicated grief: Lessons from clinical practice. Rosenblatt, P. Cross-cultural variation in the experience, expression and understanding of grief. The concept of complicated grief: Lessons from other cultures. Shear, K. Treatment of complicated grief: A randomized controlled trial. JAMA, 21 , Furthermore, it is important to remember that the functions of both grief work and rumination remain complex. For example, on the one hand, grief work may not always be adaptive; it cannot be done all the time it is exhausting.

So to some extent, avoidant rumination serves adaptive functions e. We return once more to our year-old male: What should the practitioner do, what advice can be derived from this line of research? So application of the types of therapeutic techniques mentioned earlier could in this case be considered appropriate and may prove effective e. To mention just two reasons: complications in grieving may be unrelated to maladaptive ruminative coping — one size does not fit all; and the therapy situation itself encompasses much more, it is always more complicated than straightforward application of the small number of variables considered in research.

Despite these cautions about limited application, in our view, distinguishing healthy grief work from unhealthy rumination is a critical step forward in theoretical understanding, one that, as further knowledge accumulates, should also better inform practice. Bowlby and other earlier theorists were correct to identify the necessity of grief work in coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. Now we can better draw the fine line between this adaptive process and maladaptive coping.

We can further explore the RAH idea that, in cases where complications are rumination-related, a bereaved client may need to confront rather than only to distract from their own personal, loss-related threats.

Complicated grief : Scientific foundations for health care professionals

Boelen, P. A cognitive-behavioral conceptualization of complicated grief.

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What is Complicated Grief? [CC English & Español] - Kati Morton

New York, Aronson. Nolen-Hoeksema, S. Rethinking rumination. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 3, — Parkes, C. Bereavement: Studies of grief in adult life. Harmondsworth: Penguin. Stroebe, M. Ruminative coping as avoidance. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, , — Watkins, E. Repetitive thought: Rumination in complicated grief. Stroebe, H. Complicated grief: Scientific foundations for health care professionals pp.

Complicated Grief | Scientific Foundations for Health Care Professionals | Taylor & Francis Group

New York: Routledge. Wortman, C. The myths of coping with loss.

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Complicated Grief: Scientific Foundations for Health Care Professionals by Marga

Find out about becoming a member or subscriber. Skip to main content. About Write Advertise Join Archive. Samenvatting How can complicated grief be defined? How does it differ from normal patterns of grief and grieving? Who among the bereaved is particularly at risk?