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Construction began in late , with the mammoth construction task sorely taxing the resources of the new center. Two and a half years later, in June of , the full-scale tunnel went into operation. Construction progress of the foot pressure tunnel at Langley Research Center on March 16, The 5-foot free-flight tunnel in use in Progress on construction of the foot low-speed tunnel at Building , on April 29, Akron being prepared for aerodynamic testing on a ground board at zero degrees of yaw in the full-scale tunnel in The concept was designed for the U.

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Navy as a potential vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for use onboard ships. A view of the prototype, on which the XF5U was based, photographed during wind-tunnel testing on November 28, A man stands beside the foot high-speed tunnel fan blades in Construction view from inside the contraction framing of the 40 foot by 80 foot wind tunnel at Ames Research Center with a blimp flying in the background, in July of Six foot-diameter fans stand in the Ames 40 foot by 80 foot wind tunnel, each powered by a 6,horsepower electric motor, capable of maintaining airflow up to miles per hour.

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Photographed on June 9, The tunnel was a massive rectangular structure, which for years provided one of the highest vantage points of the laboratory. The tunnel was feet long on the north and south legs and feet long on the east and west sides. The larger west end of the tunnel, seen here, was 51 feet in diameter. Langley full-scale tunnel exit cone and tunnel-drive fans, photographed on January 18, Each fan is At lower left, evidence of a mishap during testing in the full-scale tunnel at Langley Research Center in A helicopter rotor that had been attached to the apparatus at right tore loose and crashed into the structure.

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A technician on a ladder examines a Mercury capsule before it is tested in Langley's 30 foot by 60 foot wind tunnel. Much of the early work on the Mercury program was performed at Langley. Mercury capsule testing in the foot spin tunnel on September 11, A swept-wing RFF jet model mounted in the foot pressure tunnel on January 15, Rear view of the Avrocar with tail, mounted on variable height struts in the NASA Ames 40 foot by 80 foot wind tunnel on March 3, The Avrocar was a secret experimental vertical-take-off-and-landing craft developed by Avro Canada and the U.

Shockwaves of an X model in the national transonic tunnel on March 23, Following the crash of a sister lunar landing training vehicle at Ellington Field in Houston, Texas, the Bell LLTV was sent from Houston to Langley for tests in the 30 foot by 60 foot full-scale tunnel on January 16, The 30 foot by 60 foot tunnel was used in the mid s to test the model at low speeds.

F surface-flow visualization in the full-scale tunnel.

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A space shuttle model undergoes a wind-tunnel test in This test is simulating the ionized gases that surround a shuttle as it reenters the atmosphere. After two years in the computing pool, Mary Jackson received an offer to work for the engineer Kazimierz Czarnecki in the 4 foot by 4 foot Supersonic Pressure Tunnel.

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Czarnecki offered Mary hands-on experience conducting experiments in the facility, and eventually suggested that she enter a training program that would allow her to earn a promotion from mathematician to engineer. Trainees had to take graduate-level math and physics in after-work courses managed by the University of Virginia.

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  • Because the classes were held at then-segregated Hampton High School, however, Mary needed special permission from the City of Hampton to join her white peers in the classroom. An aerial view of the foot transonic tunnel at Langley Research Center in My work is thus as much about the context, site, materials, light, functions and experience.

    Its about working with and responding to a particular space and creating interventions that can re-awaken a place with an alternate function. Sound has an uncanny ability to transform our relationship with a space, and when spatially dispersed becomes an experience to explore, by walking within.

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    Its this interplay between the physical and invisible realms that really fascinates me. Then as we enter.. This source then interplays with the more ethereal voices , emanating from speakers hidden within the return tunnel. Entering the return tunnel you can walk into the light or dark. In R52, this space has a very different feel to the cathedral like qualities of Q, I felt like it needed a form of pallet cleanser.

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    In the first space there are these lovely anechoic like alcoves , here I worked with the lighting designers, BKKR and food artist Carolyn Hobkins to create a little moment to savour the acoustic qualities of these alcoves. Then the door opens to reveal the next inner space of R Within the wooden wind tunnel , 7 channels of sound work to breath life into this beast and explore some of the curious yet darker sides of this research facility. The development of flight, film and surveillance are so interwoven, I felt this notion could be explored via a further layer of film.