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The fix: Ease into an exercise routine and start slowly, maybe with just 5 minutes of walking per day, if you're not active now, Becker-Phelps says. Or it might be more than that.

1. “I need to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to get results.”

The fix: Weil recommends searching online for supportive activity groups for adults of all sizes. Working out in the privacy of your own home is another option.

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The woman tried to force herself to do these activities because she figured it was what you were supposed to do -- that is, until Cleere encouraged her to rethink her approach. The fix: If you're stumped, think of trying something you've always wanted to do but never had the chance to do, or something you enjoyed in the past.

On Hating—and I Mean Really Hating—Working Out

A bad back, sore knee , or arthritis can make getting fit a challenge. But if you've got a chronic condition, you probably need exercise even more. Sure, personal trainers, designer gear, and Pilates classes can add up. Why it's fun: A pair of roller blades are your key to a fun afternoon.

You can plan to skate to your local park, or dance around at a disco rink.

The best exercises for people who hate exercising | KUTV

Roller skating will make you feel like a kid again, and who doesn't want to relive their childhood while getting in better shape? You'll definitely want a helmet and some knee pads, but once you get the basic gear you can skate right out of your front door. What it does: Gymnastics isn't just for kids anymore either. Acrobatics encompass a wide variety of exercises, including everything from aerial yoga to on-the-ground exercises like handstands and cartwheels.

Continue Learning about Fitness

While it does count as a form of low-intensity cardio, acrobatics are mainly a bodyweight exercise. Once you get stronger, you'll be able to manipulate yourself into all sorts of cool poses, like a human flag. Acrobatics also involves flexibility. Contorting yourself into different shapes will require continual stretching to get better. Why it's fun: Acrobatics are the ultimate form of play. You get to stand on your head, whirl yourself across the floor with your hands and even spin around on silks.

What you need: Unless you were a competitive gymnast in your earlier years, you'll probably want to explore acrobatics in a safe classroom setting at an adult gymnastics gym. What it does: If you did a double take at this, you're not alone. To our surprise, donning a mermaid fin to glide through the water is now a recognized way to work out. Propelling yourself with a single fin uses a lot of leg and core strength. It also requires flexibility to bend your body completely, and the swimming motion will provide cardio.

Your lungs will get an extra boost as you hold your breath underwater.

5 Reasons You Hate Working Out & How to Get Over It

Who knew pretending to be a mermaid would be such a comprehensive workout? Why it's fun: You, wearing a Mermaid tail, getting fit. Do I need to say anymore? What you need: Mermaid classes are offered at many hotel pools, including some Disney Resort hotels.

There are many helpful videos online to teach you the basics of how to use it, and then you can hop into your local pool and try it out by yourself. Just make sure you brush up on your safety tips before trying this at home. What it does: Dancing is the best cardio exercise because you can dial it to the exact level you want. Pull out some low-effort moves if you're looking for a chill workout, or breakdance if you really want to get your heart rate up.

It even improves brain health and cognitive function , due to the mental effort and frequent social interaction that dance requires -- though dancing at home alone is still a good workout! Why it's fun: Dancing is a great way to put a smile on your face.

We Worked Out At Home For 30 Days

You get to blast your favorite music, perform your dorkiest moves and reenact your favorite movie scenes. What you need: Just some comfortable clothes and good tunes.

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  5. You can dance anywhere, anytime. It's like a portable stress-relieving workout on the go, though we don't recommend breaking out in dance during a meeting with your boss. Or, if you prefer a group setting, many gyms offer classes like Zumba and other hip-hop how-tos.

    2. You’re Going Overboard

    Read more: Bodyweight workouts: How to get fit without a gym or equipment. What it does: Sprinting across the 60 foot floor to retrieve balls and diving out of the way of flying objects delivers great aerobic benefits. Dodgeball is mainly a cardio workout , but bending down to scoop up projectiles benefits from some flexible legs too. We can't promise that throwing foam or rubber balls will work your upper body muscles, but if you haven't been lifting weights at all it's probably better than nothing.