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Dwinawan Oct Ini adalah artikel lanjutan mengenai UI Guideline. Dwinawan Aug Pada bagian ke-2 ini kita akan membahas bagaimana membuat UI Guideline. Pada artikel kali ini akan membahas mengenai UI Guideline. Artikel akan dibagi menjadi 3 bagian. Bagian 1 kali ini adalah pengenalan. That image also suggested that there was a layer of quite some cohesion with clumps and concretions and maybe caverns, possibly overlying cohesionless sand.

The interpretation is that we exposed a layer of duricrust about cm thick on Mars, the term duricrust is used to indicate a mechanically strong layer of regolith, somewhat different than in terrestrial geology.

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It is thought by geologists to consist of cemented sand. In July one believed that the duricrust around the pit might be easily crushable. Thus, it was decided to go ahead with the plan of loading the surface with the scoop to increase pressure and thus friction on the mole hull, but, the pit would have to be collapsed first. Three rounds of pushing on the surface with the scoop followed until mid of August of two pushes each. The first push was done with the flat blade 65 sqcm , just as shown in Figure 3.

Then 4 pushes with the sharp tip Figure 4a left,and 4b, right and a final one again with the blade. The pushes had a force of about 50 N, equivalent to about 10 kPa of vertical stress with the blade and kPa with the tip.

Figure 5 shows the result of gardening with the tip mid of August , and Figure 6 the result of the final push with the flat blade. As Figure 6 shows, none of these could fully collapse the pit, although a partial collapse can be seen on the right-hand side of the pit. This probably indicates some inhomogeneity in the duricrust rheological properties. Moreover, it is seen that the pit got partially filled to about half of the initial depth.

I conclude that the duricrust has a compressive strength of at least a few kPa and is overlain by an about 1 cm thick layer of loose dust which is the material that got mostly moved and compressed by the pushes. It is interesting to note that an independent estimate that I made on the basis of our tiltmeter recordings of the initial penetration of the mole resulted in a similar order of magnitude resistance kPa of the top layer to penetration. These recordings had suggested that the mole first lifted the SSA while at the same time penetrating slowly about 7 cm until it had hammered through the duricrust and the SSA resettled on the ground.

This means that Mars is becoming invisible from the Earth because it is moving behind the sun as seen from Earth and communication with a spacecraft on Mars becomes impossible. The project has prepared the lander for this hiatus and some in the team use the time for some well deserved vacation. For others, this is a break that will allow some thinking ahead of what to do next. I am leaning towards moving away from further trying to collapse the pit as it proved to be very time consuming.

Rather, I am thinking towards pinning the mole with the scoop such that the pinning and the pressing of the mole against the wall of the pit would increase friction.

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This will be more risky than the previous strategy, but with the unexpectedly stiff duricrust, it may be worth a try. That's it for now. Stay tuned until we come back from conjunction with a report on what the project finally decided to do. Good News! The SSA was lifted up to 52 cm above the ground and then placed about 20cm back towards the lander from the mole. Great Job! The IDA instrument deployment arm team will now proceed to release the grapple and stow it within the next few days. Great work by the team! The two steps so far included an initial lift by 12 cm and a second by 13 cm more.

A major reason for doing the lift in relatively small steps was that we wanted to make sure that the mole or the tether were not somehow snagged in the support structure and the mole would not be drawn out of the ground during the lift.

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During the first step, the tether that was pulled out came from the amount of tether in the chimney in which the mole was sitting before hammering started. During the second lift, tether was pulled from the tether box and the amount was recorded with our tether length measurement device mounted close to the chimney.

That device worked just as expected. The tether is now a bit taut but that is fine and the go was given last night for the third and final step. The first lift already revealed the pit that surrounds the mole. I along with others from the team were a bit shocked when we saw how large the pit actually is. Its diameter is about two times the diameter of the mole. The bottom of the pit is difficult to see we expect better images once the lift is complete but it seems that it is about A mole diameter is 27mm.

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So the mole must have compacted the regolith quite a bit. In addition to its own volume it must have displaced about half of its buried volume. There seems to be a little rim surrounding the pit but most of the displacement likely was compaction. We cannot see the inclination of the wall very well but it at least seems to me that the mole was "precessing" like a spinning top and carved a conical hole. We will have to wait for better images to confirm or disprove that. There have been suggestions that maybe there is a stone or stones at depth that the mole may have displaced and that the pit is indicating the displacement of that stone.

We will have to see. It is a bit premature to firmly talk about the next steps after part three, grapple release and its stowing. But the discussion so far centers around filling the pit and then proceeding with the pushes on the regolith that I have described in my previous post. The support structure lifting operation has begun! The lifting is foreseen to start on 22 June - first at 12 centimeres, then at 25 centimetres on 25 June and, finally, on 28 June the structure should be completely lifted and moved about 10 centimetres towards the lander.

We have been asked to remain silent until the release is out and this is why the update of the Blog has been held off for a couple of weeks. In my previous blog, I announced a second diagnostic hammering that we — after some delays caused by issues with fault protection - executed a few days later.