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The Cardiovascular System


In fact, each day, the average heart beats , times, pumping about 2, gallons 7, liters of blood. The inner layer of the pericardium is attached to the heart muscle. A coating of fluid separates the two layers of membrane, letting the heart move as it beats. Your heart has 4 chambers. The upper chambers are called the left and right atria, and the lower chambers are called the left and right ventricles. A wall of muscle called the septum separates the left and right atria and the left and right ventricles. The left ventricle is the largest and strongest chamber in your heart.

Circulatory system introduction

Electrical impulses from your heart muscle the myocardium cause your heart to contract. This electrical signal begins in the sinoatrial SA node, located at the top of the right atrium. Although the SA node sends electrical impulses at a certain rate, your heart rate may still change depending on physical demands, stress, or hormonal factors.

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Heart Anatomy: size, location, coverings and layers : Anatomy & Physiology

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Anatomy of the Heart

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Heart Anatomy

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