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The Apologist's anguish : publishing Losing my religion : unbelief in Australia

By in large, any experimentation with attendance at a local church does not provide for those things and instead seems to promise more burdens on depleted supplies of time and energy! If we are a cohort of Australian spirituality, then the church is not where we find solace and yes, I bravely include myself in this declaration.

Tom Frame focuses on unbelief from the perspective of the conscientious intellectual objector, but neither does he dismiss the existence of my cohort it is just not explored fully in the book. For many Australians belief has simply become irrelevant and unnecessary.

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There is no denial of faith required. There is no defense of faith required.

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It just is what it is and if it helps you live better well and good. They want to know how my personal spirituality functions. The numbers of spiritual but not religious are on the rise, and the numbers of dogmatic atheists will continue to decline with the fragmentation of Enlightenment Rationalism as a cultural paradigm.

Losing My Religion: Unbelief in Australia — Charles Sturt University Research Output

Similarly, if our faith communities functionally require a complete investment of time, energy and relationship to the exclusion of other neighborhood, family and friend networks, the church will attract only those who are interested in an approach to spirituality and religion that retreats from the wider culture to create an alternative world. Whilst this might be biblical justified Jesus followers are sojourners in a strange land , it does not make for easy entry for spiritual seekers and I fear that they may miss out on the depths of knowing Jesus — the most blessed source of life and love and hope.

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Losing My Religion : Unbelief in Australia

Add to Wishlist. In this challenging and provocative book, Tom Frame, one of Australia's best - known writers on religion and society, examines diminishing theological belief and declining denominational affiliation. He argues that Australia has never been a very religious nation but that few Australians have deliberately rejected belief - most simply can't see why they need to be bothered with religion at all.

He contends that vehement campaigning against theistic belief is the product of growing disdain for religious fundamentalism and a vigorous commitment to personal autonomy. Losing My Religion contends that God is certainly not dead but that Australia's religious landscape will continue to change as the battle for hearts, minds and spirits continues. Published on the sesquicentennial of the first release of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species , this book will provoke debate about what matters to Australians.

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