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  3. ISBN 13: 9780375845277.
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    Great Stink

    DeadEndia: The Broken Halo. Hamish Steele. Melonhead is back in action, filled with curiosity, stirring up a little trouble even though he doesn't mean to , and determined to have a summer of fun! He ruined one of Mrs.

    Melonhead And The Big Stink

    Wilkins's favorite garden plants, so his parents have "loaned" him to her to do chores. This is going to mess up his summer plans if he doesn't figure something out. He and Sam need to find a way to get to New York City to see the titan arum "bunga bangkai" plant. It's supposed to be twelve feet tall, weigh a hundred pounds, and smell like dead mammals, plus rot, plus spoiled food. It only blooms once every seven years, and even then only for two days and then it keels over dead. Can Melonhead make it to the Big Stink?

    I just love Melonhead's character. Funny, realistic, enthusiastic, but certainly not a plaster saint!

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    Katy Kelly's characters are so real, I find myself wanting to give Melonhead's mom a huge thwack and tell her to lighten up and enjoy her kid. I want to meet Mrs. Wilkins and rummage through her amazing attic. I found myself as furious as Melonhead when his mom's "betrayal" comes out and desperately hoping he'd make it to the Big Stink after the final collision of catastrophes. This story is really a little long for a beginning chapter book, but it's not really middle grade fiction and I don't want to add yet another label to my huge list.