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81 genuinely creepy horror movies

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A group of hikers are menaced by all kinds of animals—mountain lions, bears, birds of prey and even pet dogs. Leslie Nielsen, five years before his career-altering comedic turn in Airplane! I want to see that movie, and all the killer koalas it would surely entail. This film is exactly what you expect it to be, full of red herrings and drawn-out stalk-and-slash killings.

  1. The Night Canada Stood Still.
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  6. Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog: The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman!
  7. You could throw this on any night of the week and it would immediately feel comfortably familiar to any golden era slasher fan. Night Shyamalan in execution. The Burrowers Year: Director: J. This one is sort of like a mashup of all the above—a group of settlers in the American old west begin to suffer losses from some kind of marauding monster, so they set out on an expedition that reveals a race of subterranean, tunneling beasts that use toxins to incapacitate their victims before consuming them at their leisure, spider-style.

    An eerie hidden object puzzle adventure!

    The still-alive ape man defrosts, however, and proves to be armed with a rather unique set of powers. What follows is a bizarre film about stolen memories and brain-swapping, all taking place aboard the train. There are some really hypnotic performances, especially from relatively unknown Argentinean actor Alberto de Mendoza as a crazed priest. Who loves ya, baby? Many of them are terrible, but occasionally you do get one like Aaah!

    When we see things from the perspective of human characters, the film is black-and-white, and the zombies are lumbering and uncoordinated. It gets a decent amount of mileage and laughs out of a decidedly indie budget. That is of course provided you recognize the aliens of Lifeforce as vampires. Hooper ditches the grimy aesthetic of his earlier work and cleverly plays with the old vampire genre conventions, keeping a few bat references but ditching the blood-sucking. I once saw it screened as part of a hour B-movie festival, and that strikes me as exactly the way to consume Lifeforce : In a half-awake haze full of nudity and desiccated victims exploding into dust.

    Friday the 13th Part III Year: Director: Steve Miner Also known as Friday the 13th Part 3-D , the third installment in the Friday the 13th series is impossible to ever fully extricate from its visual gimmick, coming as it did during the second great wave of 3D filmmaking. The story picks up where the second film left off, with an unmasked Jason no more sack cloth with one eye hole!

    It hits all the slasher cliches with such boundless enthusiasm that at times it almost feels like a very early genre parody. In fact, Brown originally wrote the film as an early parody of the genre, playing off the tropes established by Halloween and Friday the 13th , but the movie was ultimately filmed as a legitimate horror vehicle instead, leaving it in a unique tonal middle ground that retains a fair amount of black comedy.

    Still, there are many islands of genuine, blood pressure-raising fear in this well-executed film. Carnival of Souls Year: Director: Herk Harvey Carnival of Souls is a film in the vein of Night of the Hunter : artistically ambitious, from a first-time director, but largely overlooked in its initial release until its rediscovery years later.

    Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthough: how to survive The Last Resort defeat all the ghosts | GamesRadar+

    The story follows a woman Candace Hilligoss on the run from her past who is haunted by visions of a pale-faced man, beautifully shot and played by director Herk Harvey. As she seemingly begins to fade in and out of existence, the nature of her reality itself is questioned. Carnival of Souls is vintage psychological horror on a miniscule budget, and has since been cited as an influence in the fever dream visions of directors such as David Lynch.

    Rod Serling would no doubt have been a fan. The original Paranormal Activity is a masterful piece of budget filmmaking. How could I tell? Because they were so loud in the moments of calm before each scare the most dead giveaway of all: when a young man turns to his friends to assure them how not-nervous he is. This was just such an event—there were actually ushers standing at the entrance ramps throughout the entire film, just watching the audience watch the movie.

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    Deride all you want, but Paranormal Activity scared the hell out of us. Naturally, they adapt it into a garage rock song, and soon enough, the neighborhood is abuzz with gore-heavy scenes of demonic possession. The humor is crude, and not quite as funny as it thinks it is, but the horror scenes are fun, and Deathgasm never drags. Friday the 13th Year: Director: Sean S. Cunningham The Friday the 13th film that started them all. Hack, slice. Jason makes only a brief, but extremely memorable appearance. And the ending reveal is among the most shocking in horror history. Killer doll, very cheesy, plenty of one-liners, right?

    Well yes, and no. Because it is. In the end, though, its greatness and inherent watchability boils down to the charms of the wonderful Brad Dourif, who found in Chucky the vessel he needed to become a genre legend forevermore.