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Copyright SW:H v Version standard. Groupes Rebelles Alliance Rebelle C. Personnages natifs de Kamino. Chronologie Univers Legends.


Chronologie Univers Canon. Lawquane, Cut. Lock CC Maze A Muzzle A Nai, Kuma. Neyo CC Nitro RC O'Niner CT Ponds CT Rex CT Il servit sous les ordres d'Anakin Skywalker durant la Guerre des Clones, avant de rejoindre l'Alliance Sai, Ko. Sarge RC Sayn Ta. Se, Nala. Sev RC Soldat clone qui entretint une correspondance avec Flanker avant de mourir sur Orto Plutonia. Skirata, Atin RC Skirata, Darman RC Skirata, Fi RC In her oil paintings she captures a moment, giving the viewer part of a story and enticing them to question what came before and what will come after.

The contrast of realism and expressionism is seen in her specific painterly style where the movement of the brush is highlighted and used to suggest movement in her figures and landscapes. In her early works, each canvas is like a frozen projection from a science fiction film; dark ominous clouds and cold industrial structures mix with acidic pink skies and burnt earth tones. The sound of dust caught in a gust of wind can be heard as the viewer gazes at these foreign yet familiar locations.

In her more recent works Cindy van der Aa has taken to examining a new kind of contrast. Cindy continues to use the visible brush stroke to suggest movement and nature and her palette retains its early pink and green tones with the inclusion of more earthen colours inspired by her recent trip to Chad.

Each area that you put on the canvas is a surprise, a gift.

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For example, how the colour you have blended reacts with the substrate, depending on the drying time of the layer below it. Layers and colours, which actually are nowhere to be seen, still play an important role in the final result.

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I never begin with a white canvas, the first layer is a layer of bright pink acrylic. Painting is the search for the ultimate combination of the artists signature style, the materials, the image and atmosphere that you want to show. Sometimes I can lose myself in a simple line in the landscape, other times I am fascinated by the construction of a crane or a building. The atmosphere it exudes is most important.

You have to feel it, almost smell it!

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After her studies she participated in a number of exhibitions before turning her attention to other projects such as scenery for film, theatre and festivals. She has written an award-winning book on Hungary and published widely acclaimed reports of her journeys in the Middle East and Africa. In she set sail to the former Belgian colony of Zaire, where her great-uncle had been a missionary. The journey resulted in Back to the Congo. Fyvel Book Award.

Both on and off stage, Ernst Jansz represents an important part of Dutch pop history. In the s he was part of the legendary hippie band CCC Inc. And later made history by establishing the legendary band Doe Maar. Following his departure from Doe Maar he remained active.

He has guided and produced other greats like de Overkant and Molenbeekstraat, with intimate and melancholic songs. In he received an Edison nomination for his album Dromen van Johanna, a Dutch translated work of Bob Dylan, with which he underlined his qualities as a singer-songwriter. Voice4Thought has asked him to write a song from the perspective of Willem Bosch, who was one of the most outspoken critics of the culture system the system that forced the population in the Dutch East Indies to cultivate crops for the government.

I have a strong focus on African Studies with an interdisciplinary approach. In I graduated with honours and wrote my thesis on homophobia in South Africa, for which I did fieldwork in Cape Town. V4T means an open and interactive platform for debating and understanding the issues of our time, and for working together to produce and share knowledge. I hope to eventually open a research-treatment based clinic in the West Africa region for children with developmental challenges.

I believe that we all have a voice or a story to tell. A voice for thought makes me rethink my world.

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My main interest was in linguistics, with a focus on Khoisan languages. It is where new knowledge is freely co-created, disclosed in many forms, and leaving people feeling richer than they did when they first entered the room. It is not a music, it is just a no pain-no gain conclusion, straight out of middle east streets.

Charles Dickens

I started into hip hop as a fan when I was 7 years old, listening to old school masters. Then I jumped into the middle of the circle of the rap game, trying to see myself as competitor from a very far away spot of the world. And after all I have been through, after all the hip hop culture made me face… So many hindrances of the life : life , death , natural selection , god , and religion… From Syria to the platform of hip hop, I hope that I will be enough for the hardcore. A well-known musician specialised in ethnic Iraqi-Arabic music, he is the first Iraqi professor of Eastern Music and Rhythms to teach at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

He plays in festivals and gives workshops and lectures in many countries across Europe, including in Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, amongst others. He was chosen by Princess Margaret sister of Dutch Queen Beatrix to represent Iraq at the Humanity House in The Hague as a model for expatriate artists who found their way in an original and autonomous way. A multi-talented artist, he made his first steps in the world of music as an active member of the choir of Sarh and at the Cathedral of Doba in , where he learnt how to sing. Fascinated by music, he learnt to play many different instruments.

He is a pianist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. He is also an audio engineer and a music teacher. Meredja quitta le salon et marcha le long du couloir qui conduisait vers les toilettes de la concession. Meredja aimait contempler les courbes voluptueuses et le teint laiteux Maryouda. Insista t-il. Alnour viendra vous chercher. Abakar se rendit rapidement sur les lieux. Il se tourna dans tous les sens en hurlant sans cesse. Une gifle retentit soudainement sur la joue.

Meredja compatissante, raccompagna le serrurier et lui glissa un billet pour le remercier. Elle profite de cet instant pour visiter Maryouda. Nous sommes dans une prison! Lui conseilla t- elle. Maryouda sursauta. Insista Meredja. Vois-tu ce que je veux dire? Lui demanda t- elle en la fixant dans les yeux. Abakar ne faisait que du cirque!

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  7. Je meurs de faim. La romance entre Meredja et Maryouda durait depuis deux mois. Fais-moi confiance. Abakar diminua le volume et se tourna vers Moussa. Pour faire revenir le serrurier, Meredja tordit la clef dans la serrure de la porte de son salon. Murmura Maryouda avec enthousiasme. Ouvrant brusquement la porte, il surprit les deux femmes nues sur le lit. Je vais vous tuer toutes les deux!!!

    Prends soin de toi et de ceux que tu aimes.

    Literature is for Salma another form of expression, that enriched her artistic work along the years. Her writings deal with issues that are slightly different from the her production in visual art. Her poems and tales show different stories and emotions, portraying scenes of Chad in a more delicate way, intimate and secret. This collection of short stories from Chad deals with themes like expropriation, polygamy and homosexuality in Chad.

    In this story, Salma narrates the secret love of two women and co-wives, exploring the origin of their feelings, the explosion of love and sensuality and their search for freedom. Same-sex sexual activity is legal in Chad. There is no report of existing LGBTI organisations in the country, and most same-sex individual and couples live their sexuality secretly. Therefore, homosexuality, and especially female homosexuality, is mostly not visible, being normally associated with friendship.

    Wishing to raise interest and dialogue on this issues among Chadian people, Salma explores female same-sex attraction with openness and honesty. Lipsius Leiden Universiteit : Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden. Kytopia : Oudegracht , Utrecht. Click on the photos to read their biographies! His first contact with this genre was in when he first got in touch with the historical rap group Ac Sang Grave. A fruitful meeting, considering that now, a few years later, he performs in the big scene across Cameroon. He takes part in very diverse events, from singing in festivals of slam poetry to conferences on French language and African studies.