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An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

What do we love? Intersubjectivity Vol. Yes, but is it performable?

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The only performances that make it all the way Wolfgang Tillmans, Brigitte Oetker Eds. What Is Different?

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Jahresring 64 Pierre Bal-Blanc Ed. Daniel S. Berger, John Neff Eds. Was ist anders? When Is the Digital in Architecture? EP Vol. Dysfunctional Comedy A Reader Apple. What Ever Happened to New Institutionalism? Sailor Spotlight on Lawson Willard Jr. He is now racing for the College of Charleston. He thanks the Commodore, Directors and Appointed Officers who supported him through a successful year. Francis Yacht Club shattered records and won races the world around. Sailing on kites, catamarans, dinghies and keelboats, our sailors earned their place at the top over and over again.

Mike Martin and Adam Lowry won Worlds. Caleb Paine won a Bronze medal.

Three-year Committee Chair Doug Thorne celebrates the end of his tenure with a look back. Commodora Lourdes Livingston takes us on a journey of holiday decorating through the ages, which has included international wreath exchanges, a full-size cherry picker and more. Who ARE We? Growing up, Mario was a champion Opti sailor in Bulgaria. Since then, he has sailed extensively under the burgee, racing inshore and offshore on a variety of boats.

Posted On Friday, November 11, St. Francis Yacht Club ranked number one in the nation, a distinction we were also honored to receive in and Francis Yacht Club dining spaces. Posted On Wednesday, October 19, St. This will be the fourth World Championship for this competitive one-design class and its first on the U. West Coast. At the final awards ceremony, six class winners took home the most coveted prize in sailboat racing: a specially engraved Rolex timepiece as well as a St.

Francis Yacht Club perpetual trophy.

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  7. Francis Yacht Club I write now to urge that more of us do the same. Raced between sailors from all three countries, this year's IKCs were rife with tough competition and great camaraderie. In the end, local Knarr talent Chris Perkins came away with the win. PRO Bartz Schneider reported perfect conditions and the twenty-five teams have demonstrated very competitive sailing.

    Above all, this fleet stands out for its tradition, its camaraderie and its spirit.

    Rick Ross - Santorini Greece (Official Video)

    Now in is 52nd edition, this will be our largest Big Boat Series ever, with more than entries and counting. This month, we interviewed scholarship recipient Pedram Babai son of longtime cook Reza Babai who is studying microbiology.


    A Corovin is an innovative wine device through which your server can extract a single glass of wine without even removing the cork. On Thursday, August 25, in 18 knots of breeze and a ripping 2. Here, scholarship recipient Alvin Leung shares how the Scholarship Fund has helped him pursue his educational aspirations. He reviews some of his greatest early challenges and subsequent accomplishments and offers words of thanks to the multitude of members who helped him navigate the past twelve months.

    Francis Yacht Club is not what we were when the Club began. Membership was small, and those men all men were financial rock stars before there were rock stars. This rocks. From there, he learned to windsurf, joined the Coast Guard and went on to represent the armed services in several international windsurfing competitions. Now, that vision has expanded into a thriving local fleet that is preparing to host the International Knarr Championships.

    Knud, by the way, is still sailing Knarrs. And still winning.

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    Since the age of 16, Shane has been pouring his heart and his hard work into his cooking career. Doing so blind is simply incredible. This has been a record-breaking year for the race and several of the top finishers are sailing under the StFYC burgee. In all, there were 15 boats representing six countries in the Modern Division and Sting was proud to finish in 2nd place.

    Francis Yacht Club has enjoyed a rich and successful history in international yacht racing within the 6 Metre Class. Continuing the tradition, St. How Warrior Sailing Came to the St. She wanted a venue with reliably challenging sailing conditions near a vibrant city so she brought the idea to Commodore Livingston. Now, he provides an update on the Island as well as a look into his personal island philosophy. Over the course of a few years, he graduated college and worked his way up as Supervisor and now, Dockmaster. Now, it seems the flourishes are all around: in Race with its 17 days on the water in July; on Tinsley Island with its Cruises, summer camps and Theme parties; amongst the Juniors and here in the Clubhouse.

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    The sources of cost savings are diverse, and include an uptick from Race and a strong retention rate in personnel. The Chairman also provides various updates on our capital reserves and planning. There will be an additional four to five races over the weekend. It quickly grew to include an epic hoe-down in the Clubhouse and a creative Cruise to Tinsley that involved tents pitched on houseboats. Read about their strategic thinking and forecasting for multiple administrations. Amazingly, and thanks to some extremely dedicated members, this tradition has been ongoing since He also gets some sage advice on how Mr.

    Davis would run regattas today. Among other things, her stories involve the Tinsley tales of Colors, a potato and a one-eyed goose. Francis Yacht Club on May , From afar, it looked like another great weekend regatta of tight keelboat racing. But regatta organizer Bruce Stone explains that this was a regatta with a twist. We caught up with Stone after the regatta.