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Winning a round progresses the Hero to the next round. Gold, renown, and a certificate are awarded at the completion of a competition. Strength does effect the amount of blows the hero must land on his opponent. A high level of strength can reduce the required amount by as much as a half. The Hero of Oakvale can challenge a gang for gold , renown , and access to the next gang. The third gang to be fought; assemble next to the gate to Twinblade's Tent. Reward: Fist Fighter's Trophy. Once each gang is beaten, they disband and do not return for the rest of the night.

Once defeated the Hero can try again the next night for gold or boredom. Melaneus, too, was slain, who had followed the camp of Perseus, and Dorylas, very rich in Nasamonian land. The hurled steel stood fixed obliquely in his groin; the hurt was mortal. The descendant of Abas, as his avenger, hurls against Halcyoneus the spear torn from his wound yet warm, which, received in the middle of the nostrils, pierced through his neck, and projected on both sides.

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And while fortune is aiding his hand, he slays, with different wounds, Clytius and Clanis, born of one mother. For an ashen spear poised with a strong arm is driven through both the thighs of Clytius; with his mouth does Clanis bite the javelin.

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Celadon, the Mendesian,16 falls, too; Astreus falls, born of a mother of Palestine,but of an uncertain father. More work still remains, than what is already done; for it is the intention of all to overwhelm one. The conspiring troops fight on all sides, for a cause that attacks both merit and good faith. The one side, the father-in-law, attached in vain, and the new-made wife, together with her mother, encourage; and these fill the halls with their shrieks.

But the din of arms, and the groans of those that fall, prevail; and for once, Bellona18 is deluging the household Gods polluted with plenteous blood, and is kindling the combat anew.

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Phineus, and a thousand that follow Phineus, surround Perseus alone; darts are flying thicker than the hail of winter, on both his sides, past his eyes, and past his ears. On this, he places his shoulders against the stone of a large pillar, and, having his back secure, and facing the adverse throng, he withstands their attack. As a tiger, urged on by hunger, when it hears the lowings of two herds, in different valleys, knows not on which side in preference to rush out, andyet is eager to rush out on both; so Perseus, being in doubt whether to bear onward to the right V.

Nor, indeed, does Ethemon give him time, but fiercely attacks him; and, desirous to inflict a wound deep in his neck, he breaks his sword, wielded with incautious force; and against the extremity of a column which he has struck, the blade flies to pieces, and sticks in the throat of its owner; yet that blow has not power sufficient toeffect his death.

Perseus stabs him with his Cyllenian20 falchion, trembling, and vainly extending his unarmed hands. Ampyx, being next him, made a pass with his sword at the breast of Lyncidas, full of daring spirit, and, while making it, his right hand became stiff, moving neither to one side nor the other.

But all these met with the punishment they had deserved: there was one man, however, Aconteus by name, a soldier of Perseus, for whom while he was fighting, on beholding the Gorgon, he grew hard with stone rising upon him. Astyages, thinking him still alive, struck him with his long sword; the sword resounded with a shrill ringing.

While Astyages was in amazement, he took on himself the same nature: and the look of one in surprise remained on his marble features. It is a tedious task to recount the names of the men of the lower rank.

Two hundred bodies were yet remaining for the fight: two hundred bodies, on beholding the Gorgon, grew stiff. Now at length Phineus repents of this unjust warfare.

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But what can he do? He sees statues varying in form, and he recognizes his friends, and demands help of them each, called by name; and not yet persuaded, he touches the bodies next him; they are marble. It is not hatred, or the desire of a kingdom, that has urged me to war: for a wife I wielded arms.

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Thy cause was the better in point of merit, mine in point of time. I am not sorry to yield. Grant me nothing, most valiant man, beyond this life; the rest be thine. Moreover, I will give thee a monument to last forever, and in the house of my father-in-law thou shalt always be seen, that my wife may comfort herself with the form of her betrothed. Then, even as he endeavored to turn away his eyes, his neck grew stiff, and the moisture of his eyes hardened in stone. But yet his timid features, and his suppliant countenance, and his hands hanging down, and his guilty attitude, still remained.

Footnotes: 1. He was the brother of Cepheus, to whom Andromeda had been betrothed. There was another person of the same name, who entertained the Argonauts, and who is also mentioned in the Metamorphoses. In the cushion. The fighters will experience the nerves, adrenaline, butterflies, and anxiety of that of a sanctioned match.

The rule set is also very similar, but usually the time limits are shorter.

The Metamorphoses of Ovid, Book V (Fable. 1)

Full contact rules are in effect, but more rules and stipulations may be in effect to protect the amateur fighter. Head gear and full protective gear is used, and there is a referee and judges to officiate and judge the matches. However, along with these smoker fights, you will also have experienced fighters that may want to enter. These fighters are ones that have already been in the ring, but looking for a way to further hone and sharpen their skills.

This is an excellent way for fighters to get good ring experience without putting any blemishes on their records. All fighters, experienced and limited experience, are matched up according to their weights and fight experience. They are weighed in, checked by medical personnel for safety and health, and set a time and opponent to fight.

And with all that said, sanctioned or not, bragging rights are definitely on the line! Everyone wants to go in the ring and come out with a victorious and stellar performance.