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It has German subtitles only but German and English soundtracks.

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This is a 14 disc set and is marked region 'B'. During —89 Brett and Hardwicke appeared in a West End play, The Secret of Sherlock Holmes , a two-hander written specially for them by the television series screenwriter Jeremy Paul. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sherlock Holmes Original opening title card. In subsequent series this wording would change. Main article: List of Sherlock Holmes episodes. Sherlock Holmes: A Centenary Celebration. Castle Books. The Television Sherlock Holmes. Virgin Books.

Sherlock Holmes on Screen. Sherlock Holmes Handbook: Second Edition. Dundurn Press. The New York Times. Retrieved 8 December Sherlock: The Casebook. Random House.

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The comparison made for interesting watching, but the truth is that Steven Moffat's Sherlock is not the first time that Holmes has travelled to a different era, being both contemporary and classic while being portrayed by the same actor. That actor was the amazing Basil Rathbone. In 20th Century Fox acquired the rights to make The Hound Of The Baskervilles , and they cast Rathbone as Holmes; the casting of Watson was particularly important, due to Watson being the driving force behind much of the on-screen investigating for that particular adventure, and that part went to Nigel Bruce.

Fox were, apparently, unsure if this casting would work. The original poster shows top billing went to Richard Greene, the young actor playing Sir Henry Baskerville he's very good too, in fairness Well, the executives at Fox needn't have worried. Even though The Hound Of The Baskervilles stayed truthful to the era in which it was written this was by no means the usual choice for cinematic Holmes stories, which were often brought up to match the period in which they were filmed Holmes and Watson were very relatable.

And also entertaining, with Bruce becoming the more comedic figure out of the two, but by placing Doctor Watson in that role it freed Holmes from the responsibility to entertain.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Often so much is made of Holmes' brilliance that he becomes not quite human, and the humour then springs from his lack of social skills. Not so here. He gets to tease Watson, and laugh a little at him, always in a kindly way. It's this warm response that makes Rathbone's Holmes my favourite to watch.

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He plays both the intellectual giant and the human being so well. It isn't a straight translation from a Conan Doyle story but contains elements of many and does this very successfully, bringing humour, creepiness, and great dialogue to the forefront. The line 'Elementary, my dear Watson' makes its appearance here, as does a lot of violin playing, and a magnificent portrayal of Moriarty by George Zucco.

Ida Lupino is also excellent, making this a strong film in terms of performances, which is not something that can always be said of the s films. It's the light touches of characterisation that make this film particularly enjoyable, though, from the notion of Holmes playing his violin to flies trapped in a glass to find out which note annoys them later recreated in the Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.

Maybe Holmes is a little mean to Watson at times in this film, who is well on the way to becoming the bumbling fool that he plays occasionally later on in the series of films, but I find myself forgiving him on the grounds of his exuberance.

The Adventures of Sherlock Fox

Holmes leaps around a lot, and dashes across London; he also gives a performance of Beside The Seaside while in disguise as an entertainer that's loads of fun. But, at that point, the Fox run of Holmes and Watson adventures came to an end, and things got really interesting. The changeover is bumpy to begin with.

The films starts with the affirmation that Holmes is "ageless, invincible and unchanging" and then thrusts us into World War Two, and a radio broadcast by a Lord Haw-Haw type figure who is denting the confidence of the British public and revealing top secrets over the airwaves.

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Holmes and Watson are called upon to track down this voice of terror, and they enlist the help of the great British unwashed hordes to do so. Any paper from this film is very scarce, and Heritage is pleased to present for the first time this fantastic British six sheet, also known as a British twelve sheet and the only copy we are aware of. Co-starring Ida Lupino and George Zucco as Professor Moriarty, this classic mystery would set the benchmark for all of the twelve other movies made in Universal Studio's later pictures. Interestingly enough, this was the only entry in the series not based on a Doyle story or an original plot, but rather on the famous stage play by William Gillette.

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