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This term also refers to any chain of wire transfer in which at least one of the financial institutions involved is located in a different country as this term is used in the Interpretive Note to Recommendation Bearer shares Bearer shares refers to negotiable instruments that accord ownership in a legal person to the person who possesses the bearer share certificate. Beneficiary Financial Institution refers to the financial institution which receives the wire transfer from the ordering financial institution directly or through an intermediary financial institution and makes the funds available to the beneficiary as this term is used in the Interpretive Note to Recommendation Beneficiary The meaning of the term beneficiary in the FATF Recommendations depends on the context: In trust law, a beneficiary is the person or persons who are entitled to the benefit of any trust arrangement.

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A beneficiary can be a natural or legal person or arrangement. All trusts other than charitable or statutory permitted non-charitable trusts are required to have ascertainable beneficiaries. While trusts must always have some ultimately ascertainable beneficiary, trusts may have no defined existing beneficiaries but only objects of a power until some person becomes entitled as beneficiary to income or capital on the expiry of a defined period, known as the accumulation period.

Hubert Lanzinger, Der Bannerträger (The Standard Bearer)

Identity cards in Morocco contained no reference to the bearer 's religion. There should exist researches where woman is the bearer of the household. The European Community was a party to many treaties and the bearer of many international obligations. A savings certificate entitling the bearer to receive interest. An exit visa permitting the bearer to leave Libyan territory;.

"Whatever ring you bear, may you remember to be its Bearer and not the other way around."

If the bearer shares were not substituted before 29 June they became void. Entry to these areas requires a special pass that allows the bearer beyond the security checkpoints. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. Register to see more examples Register Connect. Suggest an example.

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About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Legal considerations. One has to find wholeness within oneself in order to function most effectively and freely in cooperation, without being swallowed up or losing one's independence and individuality in the group. Being able to achieve this balance is a major task set before us.

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I have always loved science fiction as a vehicle for divulging some of the otherwise barely communicable mysteries of life. One such story is told in Stardance by Spider Robinson.

I read it a long time ago, but it transmitted to me a powerful image. As I remember, the story begins with a rather gray, mundane life on planet Earth, where the various characters' lives are separate, colorless, and barely manageable. Yet the threads of events bring them all to be inhabitants of a space station on the outer edges of our planetary system.

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As these characters weather various difficulties, they learn to cooperate and synchronize with each other in a freeform, non-gravitational field. Developing their individual talents and contributing to the whole, enables them to gradually unfold empathetic psychic connections with one another.

When they have reached a culmination in their harmonious interactions, a rapidly approaching frightful menace appears in the far distant space. The out-posted characters realize that they must figure out how to stop this threat in order to save themselves and their civilization still on Earth.

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As the fiery globe, swirling with vibrant energy, approaches, the characters' heightened sensitivity allows them to intuit that this terrible consciousness may be subject to some sort of reason or appeasement. In the end, the characters discover that they are like this amazing space entity'which, though one entity, is yet a composite of many beings who buzz and vibrate together like a huge beehive. This composite being is drawn to the presence of this little pod of humanity which has begun to function as a unit, sensing each others' needs and actions, and caring enough about each other to sacrifice self for the whole.