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I don't mind. I look forward to welcoming the ghosts. May 14, Caleb rated it really liked it. Thanks to Jill at A Strange Object for the thoughtful note. These are all words I could use to describe Rita Bullwinkel's debut story collection, but they would hardly do it justice. Perhaps the phrase "story collection" doesn't aptly describe this book, either. Indeed, these stories contain characters and plot lines sometimes. In Belly Up, Bullwinkel seems to tap into a form of storytelling that is less about narrative and more concerned with exploring big questions, complex ideas.

There's a philosophical, if not overtly existential undertone to a lot of these stories. Where does life begin and end? What are the limits of our bodies? What ARE our bodies? Are we limited to one self? In "Decor," a showroom receptionist corresponds with a prison inmate and sees herself as a piece of furniture in his dream house. Every piece in this collection, however, leaves a mark. These are the types of stories you spend days thinking about. They will haunt you in the best possible way. Jan 30, Mia Vicino rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

Pressures Of Motherhood - UNDERAGE AND PREGNANT

Arms Overhead i could spend a whole novel with these cannibal-loving teenage girls. Fried Dough i wanna be a teenager in loooooove again but not actually!!!! God's True Zombies florida is not a real state and this short story confirms it 5. Harp the narrator describing how she feels listening to the sounds of harps tuning is me lying on the floor vaping and listening to beach house Jan 20, Glen U rated it liked it. A short story collection, rich in imagination, filled with tales that while are not eternally memorable, are thought provoking and original.

Many are indescribable, as the reader tries to figure out, was their really a point or was this just a flight of Bullwinkel's amazing mind. I enjoyed most of the stories, as I enjoy the quirky and odd, but as a superlative short story collection, it falls a bit short. The fact that I did wonder and think about the conclusions on a lot of the stories, especi A short story collection, rich in imagination, filled with tales that while are not eternally memorable, are thought provoking and original.

The fact that I did wonder and think about the conclusions on a lot of the stories, especially the longer ones, did warrant the three stars, and I will probably read Bullwinkel again, if and when she decides to write anything else. Weird and original, a good read but not great.

Belly Of The Beast

Dec 22, Pat Pujolas rated it it was ok. You know how you feel when you go see a comedian that just isn't funny? Or watch a voice audition when a person just can't hit the notes? That's how I felt throughout this collection. To be fair, I didn't finish it; so if the brilliance lies in the last three stories, I will eat my words. But to me, this collection seemed like the result of stories that were workshopped and praised, instead of being criticized and discouraged. Books like this are obstacles to everyone's enjoyment of great fictio You know how you feel when you go see a comedian that just isn't funny?

Books like this are obstacles to everyone's enjoyment of great fiction. May 18, Stella rated it liked it. Short stories are brief moments. They are often described and I've been guilty of this myself as 'a slice of life. Each story is teetering on the edge - of sadness, of quirky, of strange, of a sense of familiar - almost like looking in a mirror at the most private of your thoughts.

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Rita Bullwinkel is a writer to watch. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review th Short stories are brief moments. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book. Apr 20, Tom Scott rated it really liked it. I had bought a ticket to an event where the author was speaking with two other people in different disciplines on the subject of creativity and I thought I should read this beforehand.

I would have never read this book of short stories otherwise. The writing is weird and moody and, at times, surprisingly moving. Though many of the stories are just well-written one-off goofs, the best, like the story of the two teenagers in love at the donut shop, are very tender and poignant.

Apr 02, Froon rated it liked it.

Overall, it was enjoyable and there are certain stories I definitely want to reread. Jun 03, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. I was titillated and intrigued by many of the stories in this collection, especially Black Tongue and Mouth Full of Fish.

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I also underlined many sentences and phrases, which is a testament to the writing. This book should have a higher rating. Jun 08, heidi rated it really liked it.

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All a little disturbing but in a good way. Initially the short sentences seemed too stop and go for me, but then they evoked a mood of belief, of realness through the fiction. Dec 10, Jaquelyn Caiello rated it it was ok. Usually I really enjoy short stories, but I couldn't manage to hold my attention to this book. The stories were strange, which I did appreciate. But, even still, they didn't stick with me and I didn't feel compelled to read more.

I had to force myself through a lot of it. Jun 25, Doug Wells rated it liked it. On the jacket, a reviewer describes the book and writing as "weird" - that struck me as odd when I read it, not so odd after I read the book.

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Too over the top for me, and still some moments of brilliance. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. The story is a living, self-replicating thing. Even the dumb ones.

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He threw his arms as wide as the world and leaped onto a fallen log. I love this story but more importantly your retelling of it and the joy it contains. Thanks for a Sunday morning glow. This is quite possibly the best story in the entire world to tell boys. It never fails to entertain. In the version I learned the man simply did not like his belly button. No golden screw, at least not overtly. The remedy was to sleep under the only tree on a strange island out in the middle of no where.

There the golden belly button fairy comes down with the golden screwdriver and removes his belly button. The rest you know. I always got the feeling the last doctor he visits the one who tells him about the island, the tree, and the golden fairy was pulling his leg, but the man was so desperate, so needful of a little magic in his life, that he went anyway. The only other story that tickled my son near as much has to do with a cat so scared that it runs pell-mell does anything run pell-mell anymore? The story hinges upon the ability to make the sound of a dog that is surprised, scared, and angry, all at the same time.

Its half bark and half startle. I think I lifted mine from scooby-do. For the cat, the more innocent, and terrified the better. For my cat I used the kitten version of the cat we had at the time who was quite plump, and a little dim. As you can imagine, the dog flies straight up making the funny sound and the cat never even slows down until it gets to a safe spot. Flying poop and pee from the dog are optional, depending upon your audience. Poop — flying, walking or standing still — is always held in high regard in the stories round these here parts.

I had told them the story at the campfire the night before. Did you know that Thomas Pynchon is using the story in V. I wonder if he might be even the original source for it. There are approximately nine million versions of this story — many of them re-told in Scout meetings. My grandfather told me that he used to tell a version of it when he was in Scouts. He said: 'I got a phone call at 2. Luckily, the second surgery was successful and he left hospital on the road to recovery. After the transplant, he wrote to the family of the donor to express his thanks saving his life.